20th August, 2021

The UK Pro League enters its 6th week: Week 5 winners Kartal and Broom feature in London

Written by Angus Wright


Week 6 of the UK Pro League starts on Monday 23rd August, at the Harbour Club in Chelsea. The competition is now in the second half of the season, with players needing ranking points more than ever as they try to qualify for the finals week!

Both winners from Week 5 feature, with Sonay Kartal and Charlie Broom looking to carry their form from Aldershot over into Week 6. Alongside the reigning winners, Julian Cash (Pictured Below), Eliz Maloney and Joshua Paris will be competing for the top spots.


There is also a debut for Evan Hoyt who is the highest ranked player in the men’s draw this week. In 2019 he had a ATP ranking of 319 and is still ranked in the top 600 in the world. He will be hoping to impress in his first ever week with the UKPL.

Continuing her UKPL season Jasmine Conway, 16-years-old, will look to build on her massively impressive debut in week 5. Elsewhere, three of the top 5 in the league rankings in the men’s draw, Julian Cash, Joshua Paris, Henry Patten are competing in Week 6. They will want to distance themselves and get a step closer to the lucrative finals week later this year.

Returning winners aim to make it back to back weeks!

Week 5 featured a brilliant debut from Charlie Broom who, on his first outing with the UKPL, secured the top spot in Aldershot. His impressive hitting power and bullish serving earned him full ranking points from the week. On the women’s side of the draw, the returning Sonay Kartal, who had been out with injury, impressed all week, especially in her confident win over Emily Appleton in the final. Below is her shot that won the “Shot of the week” competition. Every week we ask our Instagram followers to vote for their favourite shot of the week.

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Week 6 of the UKPL continues with the new format, with players now playing 5 matches in 7 days. The round robin stage sees players divided into four pools of 3 to play each other from Monday to Wednesday. At the end of day 3, the top 2 players from each pool progress to the 1st to 8th place play offs with the 3rd placed player moving into the 9th to 12th place round robin.

Full player list for week 6:


Evan Hoyt
Billy Harris
Julian Cash
Jack Pinnington Jones
Henry Patten
Charles Broom
Josh Paris
Dan Little (wc)
Sean Hodkin (wc)
Jack Gibbens
Ewan Moore (wc)
Adam Jones


Alice Gillan
Eliz Maloney
Tiffany William (wc)
Sonay Kartal (wc)
Jasmine Conway
Danielle Daley
Soumeya Anane
Emma Wilson (wc)
Lauryn John-Baptiste (wc)
JoJo Bach
India Rojano
Katarina Stresnakova


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