2:15 pm, 27th August, 2021

Court 1: Eliz Maloney vs Maddie Brooks

Our 3rd match of the day on court 1 is Eliz Maloney vs Maddie Brooks. Eliz was unfortunate to come up against the red hot Sonay Kartal but the week 3 winner will want to maximise the points she takes out of this week. To do so she must get past Maddie Brooks, who comes in as a replacement for the injured Jasmine Conway.

14:40 Eliz Maloney breaks serve 4-1

In a classic Maloney-style marathon game, she keeps asking questions of the Brooks serve and eventually it gives way. Eliz never gave up in that game, even after multiple saved break points. The lead is Maloney’s!

15:05 Maloney takes the first set 6-3 

Eliz Maloney has not let her early advantage slip away and she takes the set in just under 50 minutes.

15:20 Maloney double breaks in the second set 6-3, 4-0

Maloney is racing away with this match now, the first set was tense and tight, but Maloney has found her groove now and goes 4 sets ahead in the second.

15:45 Maloney wins the match 6-3, 6-1