1:28 pm, 17th July, 2021

Court 1: Emily Appleton vs Millie Bissett

In her fifth straight UKPL semi-final, Emily Appleton is looking to defeat Millie Bissett to reach another final. Millie Bissett beat debutant Jasmine Conway in a thrilling three set match. Appleton had a similar time in her quarter-final, beating the stubborn Freya Christie in three sets.

13:47 Appleton breaks serve 2-1 

Appleton’s serve has looked so good all week and Bissett can’t trouble her in the opening games. Appleton then gets to 0-40 before a big slice of luck gives her the break. A backhand cross court hits the net and lands on the line! Great start for Appleton.

13:50 Bissett breaks back 2-2 

Having just said how good Appleton has looked on serve, she looses a service game to love! An uncharacteristic error at the net on a simple volley gives Bissett a break back!

14:05 Bissett breaks again 2-4 

Millie Bissett on fire! She is taking the game to Appleton’s serve and she breaks again! A double fault from Appleton! How often do we see that? It gives Bissett the break!

14:10 Appleton breaks back 4-4 

That’s more like the Emily Appleton we know! What a match this is turning into. Another break, this time from Appleton. A superb return is enough to grab the game and level up!

14:27 5-6

This is the pivotal game of the first set and Bissett has a chance to break for it. She misses a massive chance close to the net. Another set point goes begging and suddenly Appleton has the advantage. If she gets the point we are into a tiebreak. What a shot! Millie Bissett produces an astonishing passing shot to take us back to deuce!

14:30 Appleton holds 6-6 

A huge serve from Appleton takes us into a tiebreak!

14:35 6-6 (3-3) 

The quality of this match is astounding. Bissett gets a mini-break ahead but Appleton forces a mistake to level us up!

14:37 Appleton wins the first set 7-6 (7-3) 

Massive hitting from Appleton behind the base line gives her a mini-break and on her serve she only needs two point for the set! On set point she thunders a serve out wide that Bissett can’t return.

12:55 Appleton double breaks in the second set 7-6 (7-3) , 5-2

That tiebreak seems to have taken some confidence out of the game of Bissett, with Appleton taking control. She consolidates the first break and breaks again straight away to lead 4-2 on her serve. A service game follows with three second serves for Appleton, but it does not matter as she consolidates the second break. She is one game away from the final!

15:12 Appleton into the final! 7-6 (7-3) , 6-3

Despite a admirable fight from Bissett, Appleton is into the final of week 5. In classic Emily Appleton style she finishes the match with an ace. It was nervy in the first set, but she comes through in two.

Emily Appleton after the match:

How do you assess that match?

It’s been pretty good, I’m in the final so very happy about that. I’m looking forward to playing tomorrow.

What can you take from this week?

It’s always amazing to get five matches in one week so I think that’s the biggest thing for me.

Is there anything to work on for tomorrow?

No, just trying to stick to my game and keep doing that because it has got me to the final

Are you confident for the final?

I’m feeling good, just taking it match by match. I’m confident for tomorrow.