3:32 pm, 12th July, 2021

Court 1 – Freya Christie – Nadia Rawson


3rd place Freya Christie takes on 6th place Nadia Rawson in a pivotal match in Pool A. Both players will be looking to take the maximum 3 points and start their week 5 off well.

15:45: Break of serve – 1-3

Nadia Rawson is absolutely crunching her groundstrokes at the moment, and Christie struggles to contain her. Rawson is able to break to make it 1-2 and consolidates the break with a simple service game win.

16:00: Break of serve – 3-3 

Back in the game! Christie breaks back with a great game on Rawson’s serve. Christie targets a second serve on break point and Rawson eventually puts a ball wide to level the first set up!

16:20 Break of serve – 4-5

Rawson is on the verge of the first set after breaking Christie’s serve to make it 4-5.


Rawson takes it! A Christie forehand is into the net and Rawson serves out for the first set.

16:34 Break of serve 4-6, 2-0

Thats more like it from Christie as she dominates her opponent’s serve and takes the break to love!

17:06 Break of serve 4-6 4-3

Christie had been on top in this second set but Rawson blasts it wide open by breaking to get back to within one set and putting the pressure back onto Christie.


Freya Christie holds her serve but Rawson cannot do the same. With set point at 30-40 Rawson plays a forehand into the net to level up the game and take us into a third set tiebreak.

17:40 MATCH WON BY RAWSON 4-6, 6-4, 8-10

Rawson holds her nerve in the final set to take home the match. The killer blow came after a brilliant rally where Christie was on the back foot throughout. Rawson takes 2 points into the rest of week 5!