1:31 pm, 26th August, 2021

Court 1: Lauryn John-Baptiste vs Katarina Stresnakova

Our 3rd match on court 2 on Super Thursday brings Katarina Stresnakova and Lauryn John-Baptiste together to face off. John-Baptiste won her group including an impressive win over Eliz Maloney. Stresnakova lost an epic match to week 5 winner Sonay Kartal but secured second place in her pool.

13:40 Stresnakova breaks in the first set 0-3 

John-Baptiste has played in some topsy-turvy games so far this week and she is again broken early, this time by Stresnakova. Stresnakova then converts the break and takes a 3 game lead early in the first set.

14:10 Stresnakova wins the first set 3-6 

Stresnakova won the first 3 games and the last 3 games to win the first set. With Stresnakova’s current form this was always going to be a tough game for John-Baptiste and she has not been able to catch up after Stresnakova’s fast start.

14:19 John-Baptiste breaks serve in the second set 3-6, 2-0 

We have come to expect this from John-Baptiste, as soon as she looks out of it she roars back. This time it is with a fantastic break of serve. She has already played 2 three set games, could it be another here?

14:28 Stresnakova breaks back 3-6, 2-1 

Great display of mental toughness from the 24-year-old who manages to fight back in the second set and has the chance to level it up now.

14:50 John-Baptiste breaks serve in the second set 3-6, 5-3 

She can’t keep it level for long however, as John-Baptiste times the break perfectly to give herself the chance to make it go to a 10-point tiebreak, it would be her 3rd in a row.

14:52 John-Baptiste takes it to the third set 3-6, 6-3

Yet again John-Baptiste comes back from losing the first set to force a 10-point tiebreak!