11:11 am, 16th July, 2021

Court 1: Oscar Weightman vs Liam Hignett

In this 5th-8th playoff game, we have Oscar Weightman lining up against Liam Hignett. Hignett comes in as an alternate after Joshua Paris retired with a back issue. The winner of this match will go into the 5th/6th match, while the loser goes into the 7th/8th playoff.

11:41 Weightman Holds Serve 3-3

Some brilliant rallies so far! Both players are hitting well and Weightman defends two break points! Hignett had a great chance to finish off the game with a big forehand but put it wide! He doesn’t get a third chance as Weightman holds!

11:53 Hignett Breaks serve! 3-5

A pivotal moment in the set! After yet more long rallies on Weightman’s serve, he fires wide at deuce to set up the break point. Weightman can only find the net, giving Hignett the perfect chance to serve for the set!

12:00 Weightman Breaks Back 5-5

A bit of controversy among the big hitting this game. A net chord helps Weightman break straight back, instead of putting his hand up he shout out ‘come on’. Hignett gives a shake of the head in response.

12:05 Hignett Breaks Back 5-6 

A brilliant winner down the line give Hignett a break point at a key moment. His backhand ahas looked strong all day. Another chance for him to serve out for the first set!

12:10 5-6

It really has been a brutal first set. Frustration is building on both sides, but neither can capitalise on chances. Hignett misses 3 set points and Weightman misses his break point. The set has been going 55 minutes and it looks like the sheer physicality is taking it’s toll. Hignett misses his fourth set point too! Weightman was there for the taking on that one, what an opportunity!

12:15 Weightman Breaks Serve 6-6

Another missed break point in this marathon of a game! Every rally seems to be going into double digits now and it’s got to Hignett! He slightly lashes out at a ball after missing his shot! It gave Weightman the advantage and at the third time of asking Weightman finally puts the game to bed. Into a tiebreak!

12:20 6-6 (1-4)

The long rallies continue into the tiebreak but Hignett gets the advantage. At 3-1 he somehow reaches a drop shot from Weightman and plays a beautifully controlled shot to get the point.

12:22 6-6 (6-6) 

Some outrageous shots being played here. Weightman somehow gets a smash back in play to win a vital point. But in the very next point Hignett plays a special, special shot. A passing shot on his backhand sets up two set points. He couldn’t take any of the three he had two games ago! He can’t do it first try! That’s four missed now for Hignett. Weightman holds on for now at 5-6. This remarkable set is level again! Weightman has defended a fifth!

12:26 Oscar Weightman takes the first set! 7-6 (8-6) 

We have a winner of the first set after over an hour! Hignett will be gutted as he couldn’t take any of his five set points but Weightman took his first one!

12:40 Hignett breaks in the second set 7-6 (8-6), 0-3

Hignett doesn’t let the disappointment get to him! He is fast out the gates in the second set and finds himself a break up! He has been a wall at the net today and its another great volley that secures him a three game lead.

12:55 Weightman Breaks back 7-6 (8-6), 4-4

This match swings again! Just as Hignett had taken the lead, Weightman breaks back to bring himself one game behind. Hignett is starting to look a bit tired and he can’t take either of his first two break points in the next game. He hits a brilliant passing shot yet again. That makes it 9 today, there might not be much energy in the legs for Hignett but he keeps finding great winners. Weightman is able to hold after the longest game of the match finishes.

13:05 Weightman breaks 7-6 (8-6), 5-4

Hignett is looking like the two hour match so far is taking its toll, Weightman races to 0-40 up and Hignett can only defend one break point before Oscar Weightman gets it. Chance to serve for the match now for the 19-year-old.

13:17 Oscar Weightman Wins the match 7-6 (8-6), 6-4

Despite Hignett’s battling performance, Weightman comes through in straight sets. In the end it was a lack of clinical play in the key moments that allowed Weightman to win. Hignett served for the first set twice and couldn’t take any of his five set points.