12:57 pm, 27th August, 2021

Court 1: Sean Hodkin vs Liam Hignett

On Court 1 we have another 5th-8th playoff match, this time featuring Sean Hodkin and Liam Hignett. Hodkin looked brilliant in the first 2 days, easily winning both his matches. But yesterday he came up against Julian Cash and was dumped out at the quarter-final stage. Liam Hignett is into week 6 as a alternate to Jack Pinnington Jones, who dropped out yesterday with injury.

13:15 Sean Hodkin a double break up in the first set 5-1 

Hodkin’s serve has done him so well this week and Hignett is struggling to gain anything from it. Hodkin on the other hand is able to get stuck into his opponent’s serve and gets 2 breaks to give him the lead in the first set.

13:25 Sean Hodkin wins the first set 6-1

The double break was plenty for Hodkin and fittingly it is a unreturned serve on set point that gives him the set. Hignett has struggled with his own serve and when Hodkin is serving like he is that spells trouble.

14:02 Hodkin wins the match 6-1, 6-1 

The change in Hodkin’s game this week has been brilliant and this match has followed the theme. A dominant serving display backed up by powerful ground strokes sets up Sean with a match between the winner of Josh Paris and Evan Hoyt