10:09 am, 26th August, 2021

Court 1: Sonay Kartal vs Eliz Maloney

What a way to start Super Thursday off! This one should be a brilliant match with the winner of week 5, Sonay Kartal facing the winner of week 3 Eliz Maloney.

10:34 Sonay Kartal breaks serve 4-1

This match looks set to be a long and intense affair. The first couple of games both feature breaks points but Kartal and then Maloney are able to defend them. A few games later and it’s Kartal who gets another chance to take control, she makes no mistake this time backing it up with a smooth service game to go 4-1 up!

10:40 Kartal a double break up 5-1 

Sonay is serving for the first set now! All of a sudden this set has slipped away from Maloney who cannot hold serve. Kartal has a brilliant chance to grab this first set and set herself up perfectly.

10:44 Kartal wins the first set 6-1

6-1 does not reflect how close this first has been, Maloney could have had a break in the first game but a aggressive Kartal forehand finishes the set off. The first two games took 16 minutes but just over 20 minutes later Kartal has the first set.

11:20 Kartal breaks in the second set 6-1, 4-3 

Eventually, after many break points, Kartal is able to break down Eliz Maloney. It was always going to take something special and a sliding Kartal slices a delicious shot just over the net to grab the vital break in this second set. The tennis here is some of the best stuff we have seen all week. Will the one break be enough? Eliz Maloney never gives up, no matter the scoreboard so Kartal still has work to do.

11:34 Maloney breaks back 6-1, 4-4 

What determination from Maloney, she keeps Kartal playing an extra ball and she earns a break point. Yet another brilliant rally ensues before Maloney breaks back and levels the second set up. Incredible intensity in this one.

11:52 Kartal breaks serve 6-1, 6-5

Somehow the quality in this set has gone even further through the roof. Both players have to earn their holds of serve but Kartal is able to get herself to 15-40 with 2 break points. She converts at the perfect moment to set up a service game for the match.

11:57 Kartal wins the match 6-1, 7-5 

The week 5 winner is into the semi-finals! This has been a brilliant match with both players giving their all in a tight and tough game. In the end Sonay’s serving helped her get some cheap points and helped her get the win. Credit to Maloney who hung in as always, showing her trademark tenacity.