10:54 am, 23rd August, 2021

Court 2: Billy Harris vs Josh Paris

On court 2, our first match of day 1 sees Billy Harris take on Josh Paris. Paris is 2nd in the league ranking so far this year and a solid result in week 6 will go a long way to securing his place in finals week! Billy Harris came second in the very first week and another points finish this week will move him up from 6th place.

11:19 Josh Paris breaks serve 1-2 

We have our first break of week 6. Josh Paris is off to a flyer as he races to 0-40 in the third game of the match. Billy Harris can’t save any of the 3 break points and goes a break down in the opening set on court 2.

11:24 Billy Harris breaks straight back 2-2 

Paris can’t convert the break as Harris fights his way back into the set with an impressive break-back!

12:18 Paris wins the first set tiebreak 6(6)-7

Josh Paris has the lead in this match as a tightly fought tiebreak goes to sudden death. It’s Harris who cracks first as a strong approach from Paris sets up a smash for the win on set point.

12:54 Josh Paris wins the match 6(6)-7, 1-6 

A straightforward second set for Josh Paris as he gets a double break up and does not let the advantage slip. A great start for the highest league placed player in the men’s draw this week. A few more wins like this and he will wrap up his qualification for finals week!