4:10 pm, 16th July, 2021

Court 2: Holly Hutchinson vs Emma Wilson

Holly Hutchinson started this stage of the competition off perfectly by beating Danielle Daley in straight sets. Emma Wilson was beaten by Nadia Rawson in three sets, so both players are in the mix in this round robin .

16:10 Emma Wilson breaks serve 0-2 

Really good approach play as Wilson pins Hutchinson to the back of the court before disposing of the volley to go a set up!

16:29 Hutchinson breaks back 2-3 

She can bring it back! Hutchinson has looked shaky at the start of this one but she finds her feet now and breaks back.

16:45 Wilson wins the first set 3-6

17:19 Wilson breaks in the second set 3-6, 3-5 

Wilson is looking to wrap this one up quickly. She wants to go enjoy the sun! She breaks in the second set to bring a chance for the match

17:22 Wilson wins the match 3-6, 4-6