2:40 pm, 23rd August, 2021

Court 2: Julian Cash vs Henry Patten

Despite being the highest ranked player in the week 5 men’s draw Julian Cash was beaten in the final by Charlie Broom. Still the 15 ranking points he gained have lifted him into third place in the men’s league ranking. Henry Patten is not much further behind, and having only played two weeks, he has not failed to make the final yet this year. A great matchup on day 1 between two of the favourites in week 6.

15:00 Julian Cash breaks in the first set 3-2

A solid start from both players sees them hold their opening two service games. However, Julian Cash is a quality player and soon he starts to get the upper hands in points. Patten’s whippy forehands are being put under pressure and on break point he hits long to give Cash the lead.

15:20 Patten breaks serve 5-5 

A superb first set is being played out on court 2 with both players finding early form this week. Patten is able to break the Cash serve, which is usually very solid, and level up the first set.

15:42 Julian Cash wins the first set 7-6(3) 

It was a brutally close set and Patten is unlucky to have lost the tiebreak but in the end Cash’s quality and consistency gave him the most important points.

16:14 Henry Patten wins the second set 7-6(3), 2-6

A much improved performance in the second set from Patten takes this one into a third set tiebreak.

16:16 Patten wins the match 7-6(3), 2-6, 6-10

Henry Patten races into a 5 point lead in the vital tiebreak. Julian Cash can only fight back to 9-6 before Patten takes the match point at his first opportunity to give himself the perfect start to week 6!