2:49 pm, 16th July, 2021

Court 2: Tom Hands vs Llewelyn Bevan

Another 9th-12th place playoff game here, Tom Hands one his first round robin game yesterday. Llewelyn Bevan couldn’t do the same yesterday as he lost in straight sets to Patrick Foley.

15:10 Tom Hands break serve 4-1

A great start for Tom Hands in this match as he breaks the serve of Bevan early. He has struggled at time this week but he can still finish 9th if we wins today.

15:20 Tom hands wins the first set 6-1 

Hands serves out the set with authority, Bevan couldn’t break back when he needed to, missing his two break points in this set. A great start to the match from Hands who will hope the second set goes the same way.

15:26 Tom Hands breaks serve 6-1, 1-0 

Hands continues to dominate this match, Bevan puts a forehand well long on break point. He has not been consistent enough to trouble Tom Hands, who takes the lead in the second set.

15:55 Tom Hands wins the match 6-1, 6-2

A great win for Tom Hands! That’s two from two in the 9th/12th round robin stage. He looks good to finish 9th! Big disappointment for Bevan who will find it hard to finish away from bottom spot. He is still looking for his first win this week